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Are You Reading Me?

Posted by Dirck on 9 September, 2010

Regular readers who tuned in between 9:00 and 11:00 CST  today may have found the answer to the preceeding question an slightly baffled “no”.  A paucity of figurative coal to shovel here at The Regular Job gave me some freedom to monkey with the look of this enterprise.  During that period, I could be said to have achieved some success.  I certainly did modify the look, to the point of utter illegibility.

The means by which I accomplished this was a thing suggested by WordPress itself, a gizmo called Typekit.  There is a little reference to it in the lower right-hand concer of the page you’re looking at right now, the tiny box labeled “Fonts from {squiggle}.”  If you click on that, you’ll get an explanation of the font I’ve… managed to live with.

I like to play around with fonts when setting up books.  At least, I seem to remember that I do– it’s been a terrible long time since I’ve been down that avenue of delight.  The shape of print is, if not as important as the straight data, an important component.  If the simple words are the meat of a stew, the typeface is the spice, and if you don’t think that’s important then I invite you to enjoy a big plate of boiled meat for supper.  “Hello, Mr. Bond,” has a different sense to it than, “Hello, Mr. Bond,” or “Hello, Mr. Bond,” and that’s just a matter of italics.  The author of the lamentably lost Ink Quest had a long entry about his efforts to find a font that he thought gave the right sort of tone to his work, a sans-serif font as seen on the old Penguin books.

Typekit promised to let me apply my own spices to this little effort, and I have actually had it in place for some time but I wasn’t altogether pleased with the look of it.  The formatting was a little funny, and referring to my previous example, “Hel lo,  Mr. Bon d,” is just plain hard to read.  This morning’s efforts were aimed at finding something more pleasing, and I had thought that I had found the very thing for the main body of the text, something based on a French textbook typeface.  I applied it, and waited the “few minutes” that is apparently takes for the electrical fluid to trickle through the inter-tubes from Typekit to WordPress, and then watched in wonder as my page… dissolved into fuzzy nonsense.

It may be that I’m too much a blunderer in this technological wonderland, but I can’t discover how to amend the font size of any part of this blog.  You will note from the headlines (currently– I may amend them in the near future) that the Typekit fonts tend towards the wee.  During the time of illegibility, it was just possible to read this text by turning the browser’s font size up to BIGGEST POSSIBLE.  I don’t think enough of myself to expect the passing reader to respond to tiny, blurry print on the screen by doing anything other than passing along to the next distraction provided by the web.  So, I have for the moment abolished Typekit from the text of my enterprise.  If anyone can suggest to me how to make it do its thing a little better, I’m open to comments– the FAQs on Typekit really don’t address the issue, and WordPress is quite mum about it.

While I’m composing my longest meta-entry ever, I’m going to briefly complain about some traffic that’s coming in here.  I don’t complain about the fact of the visitors, they’re entirely welcome, but the way they’re being lead here irks.  Various sites to do with modern entertainment appear to be buying an advertising doodad from WordPress, a scrolling tape of blog addresses, which appears beneath a title reading something like, “Help promote this site!  Click on one of the sites below!”  Really?  This has made me aware of a silly advertising ploy more than any given website, and I’m now unlikely to click on the “You got a link from BOBS.TV_VAMPIRES.ORG.RU” link in my secret control panel to find out what’s being said about me there.  To those who are brought here by such a means– it’s nothing to do with me.

Today’s self-referential pen: Parker Duofold
Today’s misapplied ink:  Noodler’s La Couleur Royale

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