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Pretentious? Moi?!

Posted by Dirck on 3 September, 2010

I am not a fan of the pretentious, which I take to mean applying a flashy exterior to an inherently dull interior in hopes that one will be taken to be more than one is.  It’s not a good line to pursue, despite being a foundation stone of modern advertising (actually… that’s a pretty good clue; don’t do what advertisers do).

However, on reflection (a passtime the regular reader will have no doubt realized is my main vice), I’m not sure I’m steering clear of it so well these days.  I dress in a mode which, while meant to evoke the past, is also several rungs up the ladder of Style from current standards, regardless of how far off of Fashion it might be.  I am dressing, in other words, above my station and means.

Then there’s the fountain pens.  I get very cranky about the very notion of not writing with them.  For all the positive attributes I’ve posited in previous posts, the fact remains that in terms of paper and setting, they are slightly along the road to pampered pet.  Newsprint? Swoon!  Sudden changes of barometric pressure?  Some fountain pens are given to air sickness, it’s true.  It seems that the film Duplicity, which I’ve not seen, makes a point about the pretentious nature of fountain pen use (although in a discussion of the film, several points are made about the person casting the aspersion).

But… I’m not doing these things to distract from some essential flaw.  They are, in fact, direct indicators of my essential flaws.  I talk about fountain pens all the time, and the only reason my wife hasn’t driven one through my ear to shut me up is that I occasionally notice the signs of crushing boredom in others.  I dress as I do, as I suggest in the previous installment, because it is more in keeping with who I feel I really am (which apparently is a background extra in a Warner Brothers film of about 1941).

I do need to be careful, though, as the seed of this posting was my pausing in my work this morning to admire today’s pen.  There was a time when I looked at pens with an all-gold cap and thought, “There’s a pen that’s overcompensating for something.”  Now, not only do I have more than one pen with rather a lot of gold, or at least shine, involved in it, I actually own one that’s totally wrapped in gold* and start to think I would like more.  This may merely be a slight amendment of tastes, entirely in keeping with simple processes of maturing.  If it starts to lead in the direction of me liking some of the unspeakable jewel-encrusted pens-in-name-only, I shall have to seek professional help.

Today’s pen:  Eversharp Skyline (Swanning around with all that gold on the cap!)
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Poussière de Lune (French, and a rather fanciful name?  Not a good sign)

*Today’s Footnote:  When originally written, this footnote was apologizing for using someone else’s site as a reference.  I’ve fixed that, but if you’re wondering what the comments below are talking about, have a look here.

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