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The Tale of the Cursed Shirt

Posted by Dirck on 27 July, 2010

But first… where did all you people come from?! This blog has had as many hits in the past three days as in its first two months of existence. The super-secret stats page suggests that it’s a combination of a link from what I must assume is an amazingly popular blog kept by someone else, and an uncommon entry of my own. I might take a lesson that a large and thoroughly illustrated entry makes for popularity… but that seems silly.

In an effort to return some equilibrium to the statistics page, I have a very uninteresting thing to relate. Some time ago, I mentioned that my son had caused a pen to stain a shirt. Guess what happened last weekend? The pen in this case was my early model Touchdown-filling Valiant, which is a little shorter than the Thin Models, so when it got free of the cap it almost instantly went sideways and emptied its load of ink into the corner of the pocket.

The cure as related in the previous entry worked again, so the shirt is once again in the rotation. The real lesson of this event is that one must not carry a boisterous toddlers and a screw-top pen of a loose nature at the same time; the Sheaffers of the 1940s and 50s with a threaded metal collar rather than the threads cut into the barrel verge on notorious for coming undone. Since I’m an irrational being, I am going to avoid wearing this particular shirt on weekends when I’m likely to have to carry the lad. There’s entirely too much sympathy between its fibres and ink.

Today’s pen, cap very firmly in place: Lamy 2000
Today’s ink, released only on parole: Mont Blanc Racing Green


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