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Issue ink.

Posted by Dirck on 20 May, 2010

As the previous couple of days’ notes show, I’ve received my shipment from Diamine Inks. Sent along with the two bottles I ordered was a bonus– a box of cartridges filled with diverse colours. This was a mixed joy for me, as I’m not a great fan of cartridges, but a crowd of different and unfamiliar inks is not to be sniffed at.

The first of these experimental inks was yesterday’s brown. I am not going to disparage it out of hand, although I think it’s a little funny that “Dark Brown” is one of the lighter browns in the lineup (have a look, see if I’m wrong). I was not entirely pleased with it in terms of performance, but that is not necessarily the fault of the ink.

A frequent point of discussion for loonies pen fanciers like myself is the strange and only semi-explicable way in which inks and pens will interact. Some pen manufacturers insist that only their ink be used in their pens, which is in part a miserable effort to lock people into dependency, but there is also some truth behind it. Most inks will run through most pens in an entirely satisfactory way, but some inks have a reputation for being dry or wet, and some pens will consistently shun certain inks. This is not an effect I’ve been very provoked by until yesterday.

The Waterman Phileas is generally a smooth, well-behaved pen of a middling dampness. Yesterday it was dry to the point of being scratchy, stingy with the ink, and just not happy at all. This pen is, it seems, not a fan or Diamine Dark Brown. Or vice versa. I’m going to have to try the cartridge in another pen to see if it’s a general issue with the ink or just the interface of the two.

This is the sort of thing which people like me find interesting. You may shake your head in pity and wonderment.

Today’s freely-flowing pen: Parker Duofold
Today’s slightly-dry ink: Pelikan 4001 black


5 Responses to “Issue ink.”

  1. Saddle brown looks darker than dark brown to me. PR Chocolat is the best dark brown that I have encountered.

  2. I start to wonder if perhaps the ink I’m having trouble with isn’t Monaco Red– I’ve just seen a swatch on someone else’s site that looks similar to the colour I’ve been harping about, but Diamine’s own swatch for Dark Brown is much the same… and both inks are in the surprise pack. Saddle Brown is definitely darker and more along my line of brown, either way. I am, as one may gather, quite fond of Herbin’s Lis de The.

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  4. […] by ravensmarch on 8 November, 2010 I have in the past contemplated the notion of dry inks and wet inks; this is a slightly subjective thing in any event, and refers not to the actual water content of […]

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