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Posted by Dirck on 30 April, 2010

Nothing earth shaking today, just some quick extra notes on what’s gone previously.

I dismantled the “feed” of my Esterbrook well yesterday, a container full of little rods which act as a wick. As horrid as some of the fountain pens I’ve come upon are, I am still shaken by the amount of chunky detritus that dropped out of this thing. Decades of neglect on a massive scale, although I shouldn’t be surprised because once it’s in service it is not an easy object to clean out.

The “51” I’m forcing to write to exhaustion is getting a little dry today, but persists. As I mentioned in the previous entry, this tells the world little apart from the fact that I really don’t write that much down in the course of a day at The Regular Job.

Speaking of which, and this is not a reference to a previous notion: I could slap my collection of co-workers for their attitude towards the weather today. Grey, yes, drizzle, sure, but it is in a local sense but early spring amd some folks need to learn the connection between growing things in summer and dampness in the spring. Let’s have someone pretending to be Al Jolson explain it.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer 800
Today’s ink: Lamy Blue

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