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Another experiment

Posted by Dirck on 27 April, 2010

This one is a little less interesting than previous forays into science, and is in fact getting close, I expect, to its terminal phase. It’s about mileage.

I mentioned in a previous post about having a Parker “51” desk pen of the vacumatic flavour, and having housed in the base I use at The Regular Job. Shortly before I made the posting, I decided that I would run this small and pointless experiment in writing duration. That pen was filled as full as it should be on 14 April, and I am going to leave it until it runs out of ink and makes no marks on a page before refilling.

It shows no real sign of stopping, on the eve of a fortnight’s unreplenished use. The aerometric-filler whose nest it has expropriated was once run to the same protocol, and ran out of juice about the two-week mark. If this one gets through to the end of business today, we may say that the vacumatic “51” takes longer to write empty.

May say it, of course, but probably shouldn’t. This is pseudoscience at best, as there’s no controls over how many linear yards of mark either pen has laid down over the periods in question, the humidity of each day of the “experiment”, the papers used, and various others I’m no doubt overlooking. I am, to be honest, simply amusing myself and hanging about this amusement a thin drapery of science.

I’m not very troubled by this. I’m not doing science properly, but I’m also not undercutting anyone’s grant money. All costs are underwritten by my own milk money, and the main benefit is to give my synapses something to mumble beyond the demands of The Regular Job, which frankly barely keeps the cortex warm.

When this pen gives out, I’ll announce the results, for what they’re worth. My next achievement will be to quantify boredom (as soon as I find a good term for the units– some jerk already used “boron”).

Today’s empirical pen: Lamy 99
Today’s intuitive ink: Herbin’s Poussière de Lune

2 Responses to “Another experiment”

  1. zena said

    At the risk of taking you too literally – how about “boremes”, by analogy with phonemes and morphemes?

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