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Friendship is the Greatest Gift.

Posted by Dirck on 26 April, 2010

However, out of that basis, other gifts may befall.

I mentioned in a previous installment that I am generally content that my friends steer clear of giving me pens, for the same reason that I avoid giving medical advice; a lack of foundation in study.

On Saturday, a particular friend came by to discuss an upcoming craft sale she and my wife are participating in. She also brought some objects she’s found in her trolling of garage sales. Her trolling is founded in an optimistic and sometimes successful search for vintage clothing patterns and buttons. This latter pursuit is very similar to my pen madness, and she approaches it with much the same attitude (doesn’t prate to the uninterested, worries about aging celluloid, occasionally wondering how many is too many). Having more freedom of action than I, she also undertakes to look into pens at the sales.

She has eerie powers, to be honest. My most dedicated efforts on the garage sale line have produced a small victory that doesn’t balance the energy spent looking. My friend finds all manner of things to interest her… and couple of things that quite interest me.

This most recent event I rather under-reacted to, as her first coup has set a very high bar; she gave me one of the jewels in my collection, the 1927 Duofold Senior. That is a very hard act to follow indeed, and so I found myself offering somewhat unconvincing apologies for the small reaction of the pen she produced– another Duofold, but of much later English manufacture.

The eerie powers not only lie in the ability to find things of actual value, but also in getting them for the kind of money one expects to pay for old toys. This latest donation to my collection she refused any payment for, as she had gotten pen, a nice little tin box, and a few other items for one dollar.

My own eerie power is to gather friends I’m unworthy to have. This one, magic garage sale skills aside, is very much of the standard pattern for my circle of friends. I am a magnet for magnates of magnanimity.

Today’s pen: Parker Moderne
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Lis de Thé

2 Responses to “Friendship is the Greatest Gift.”

  1. […] was given the inherently valuable lapis Parker Duofold by a dear friend, a story I related some time past, and while it is a flawed example of the desirable model, the fact that it was a gift (which […]

  2. […] once again reminded of the vast luck in my life which has brought me acquainted with some really marvelous human beings.  There’s a lingering sense of not quite deserving such things, but that informs the effort […]

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