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Health Concerns

Posted by Dirck on 19 April, 2010

When I was pondering today’s entry, I had in mind an entirely amusing little memo to the world. I find that I must append some unformed worries.

A few months ago, I noted that I had gotten my hands on the Nintendo game “Brain Age”, and it had made fun of me for having let my skull-cogs develop a layer of dust. Well, in keeping with the underlying notion behind mens sana in corpore sano (although there is some room for debate on just how sane my mens is), I went out on Friday and got a Wii Fit for Christmas.

How’s that? Well, a load of gift certificates for a particular mall were given at Christmas, and I determined then that they should be applied to a Wii. Last week was the first time the laws of supply and demand allowed any of the stores in this mall to offer the item.

Wii Fit tells me that I am obese beyond its built-in scale. It bases this on a Body Mass Index calculation, which is a glorified height/weight chart, and while I accept the accusation of having some unneeded adipose tissue, I deny any imputation that I need to drop slightly more than a third of my weight to re-enter the lands of health. Were I to do this, I would no longer be able to see my feet, as they’d have to go with the rest of my legs, while currently I can see them just fine, direct line of sight, and without having to suck in.

I will attend to the exercises, though, as I do feel the need for that sort of thing. I have a suspicion that presently Nintendo will produce some kind of general aesthetics software that will declare me ugly and funnily dressed….

Accuastions of odd dress bring me to the more sombre portion of today’s effort. I discover that beloved blog Ink Quest appears to have packed its tent. The last entry I read concerned the Inkanthropist’s encounter with some oiks on a train platform, who at the time were content to merely cast aspersions upon his nifty grey fedora, but my built-in worst case generator is suggesting that something grimmer may have developed. There was also revelation in the last few installments of virally-afflicted tonsils, and the WCG suggests that sort of thing can get rapidly out of hand (although more usually in the case of bacterial infections). What makes me so nervous is the very funereal inclusion of beginning and ending dates on the headline of what’s left of the blog.

The sudden uprooting of all of Ink Quest’s content is disturbing also in that, while not surprising in this medium, so many of the entries speculated upon the ability of the written word to outlast the author. Inky marks found in books last printed decades ago, marginalia and notes left by authors struck down a quarter century previously… highly ironic that meditations on such things have vanished like smoke.

I hope, though, that WCG is just running mad in my imagination, and that the disenchantment which Inkanthopist felt with humanity in general has now spread to the realm of making notes where humanity in general can see them, and that is he currently sitting in a quiet room in a quiet town in Wales, enjoying the latest nigh-perfect brown ink which the trawl-nets of Penquod have hauled up.

Still, I think I’ll look into getting a proper will laid down.

Today’s elderly yet vibrant pen: Parker Vacumatic
Today’s coursing internal fluid: Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun

3 Responses to “Health Concerns”

  1. Inkanthropist said

    Sorry to have caused such worry. All is fine with me. It was just time to retreat.

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