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Posted by Dirck on 16 April, 2010

I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. I have recently got into my hands a perfectly nice Parker “51” from 1946 with a long tail– a desk pen.

What I did not get was the base. The base which came with it (through the auspices of that universal junk-drawer, eBay) is a slightly later base meant to accept a Sheaffer TM desk pen– the base appears in the 1951 catalogue, so is appropriate to the Touchdown fillers, but Snorkels will also rest in it.

A bit of a problem, then– a pen without a base, a base without a pen. What I need to find is someone who finds themselves in an inverted position; a homeless Sheaffer TM desk pen lying beside an untenanted single-socket holder for a Parker “51”. I’m not too fussy about matching the year of the socket to the pen, either– I have found that the pen is quite happy playing the cuckoo in twin-base what I expect is the early 1970s (the pen it has displaced is a little forlorn, of course).

I have put a notice up in a sensible place, the Trades board of the Fountain Pen Network, but with no results. It is a very specific interface of needs, so I’m not too surprised– I’m a little surprised, given the number of fellow pen loonies on that forum, but not knocked off my feet by it.

I am thus expanding my search horizon by throwing the matter into the open here. I append pictures of the item in question, hoping to catch the eye of someone whose Touchdown desk pen is rattling around in a Parker stand. If you are such a person, drop a line to ravensmarch at gmail period com and we’ll see what we can do to fulfill the other’s needs (the pictures are also links, since WordPress seems to not have a sense of how to resize a picture to show the whole thing)–

Notice the chip in the lower edgeThe inclusion in the forward left edge seems to be from manufacturing rather than later damage
It's still got its sticker!

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