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Posted by Dirck on 17 February, 2010

I should not want yesterday’s posting to indicate that last week was end to end dolor here. Indeed, despite the timing, my wife and I had a perfectly nice Valentine’s day, finally getting around to seeing Paranormal Activity (which is a corker, if you understand that “Horror” and “Horrible” are separate concepts). My son attended his first gymnastics class, which given the age range could as well have been Centripedal Bumble-Puppy or a slightly understocked barrel of monkeys.

I also, as indicated yesterday, made some headway on the pen front. I find now that this headway is in itself a source of mild frustration. Success is it’s own penalty, as I’ll explain.

The remaining pens belong to one client, who sent me a great pile (I believe it was one of those semi-mythical garage sale finds) in various stages of disability. He’d described them, and sent pictures, I’d sent back prognosis which in some cases was, “Call a mortician.” However, since a box with many pens in it costs no more to send than a box of several, we agreed that it wouldn’t hurt for me to have them in hand and see if in person they were less alarming.

I surprised myself with a couple of them. Shortly before the recent hiatus, I mentioned a Parker “51” that I was working on, which someone had done over rather rudely. It’s now working as it should. There was also a rather nice interbellum Waterman with a grimly sprung point… which, after looking at it, I decided I couldn’t do much MORE damage to by trying to reshape. This is not an easy thing to accomplish, and certainly not something I advertise as being capable of. But… well, why not try?

Low expectations are usually my saviour. In this case, they have oppressed me. I took an item of abstract art and returned it to the functional form of a pen point. If I had thought I could do it, I would have also been capable of the simple act of foresight which would allow me to prove I have done it. This little pile of text is merely yarning. I could easily declare I handed it to my neighbour, a Sasquatch, who cured it with his pyramid, as the internet is full of true stories like that.

If only I had taken a “before” picture.

Today’s purported pen: Eversharp Ten Thousand Word Pen
Today’s sketchy ink: Herbin’s Vert Empire

…and as I wrap this up, I realize I may actually have a before picture, taken by the pen’s owner, in my untidied email account. Wouldn’t that be jolly?

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