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Shovelling out

Posted by Dirck on 26 January, 2010

This past weekend we saw Winter return in its accustomed shape– rather cold and unpleasant. Rather than the usual too much cold issue we face here, we found ourselves with an uncommon too much snow complaint. Generally, until late February, it’s too cold for enough moisture to stay in the air to allow snow to develop, but the preceeding fine weather produced roughly 30cm (archaic measures: a foot, one sixth-fathom) of snow. The accompanying winds meant that this was not entirely even in its distribution– by my house there are drifts of chest-height and voids where it’s no more than mid-shin.

The sidewalk, which law demands we shovel, was sadly hip-deep. My shovel-moving parts are quite sore.

In deference to the English who faced… somewhat less snow with much less experience of it, I apologize for any imputations. Much of the city, and the province, was brought to a standstill by Monday morning. I myself took two full minutes longer than usual driving the 8km to The Regular Job (and then 10 minutes of nervous circling trying to find a way into the parking lot), and about half my co-workers never managed it. I can only hope this means that Europe is struggling along under the kind of winter it’s used to as well.

Along with this tedious weather report (although I imagine some Australians are enjoying even the concept of cold weather about now), I bring word on the durability of my experimental Quink redemption. A week and more on the paper, left exposed to common indoor light, and it’s stayed essentially the colour its immediate ancestor was. Those anxious to try it for themselves may rest assured that they’re not ruining a bottle of ink. Not any more than Parker has done to it, at least.

Today’s pen: Waterman Champion
Today’s ink: Skrip blue-black

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