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More flies with honey….

Posted by Dirck on 6 January, 2010

Why one is interested in catching flies has always confounded me, and it’s really not fly season.

I’ve just come from what I had expected to be an arduous effort, not only victorious but hardly aware of having made any effort. On the weekend I bought a somewhat better than usual item of flat-pack furniture– the wood is non-pressboard! Thanks to the efforts of my son, I was unable to attend to it until Monday night… and I discovered not a scrap of the hardware needed to stick it together. Yesterday I stopped at the customer service desk at the store, explained the situation, and was told to call the number on the instruction sheet to request a package of the necessities be sent to me.

“There is no phone number.” At this point, I’m told in veiled terms that I’m stupid and inattentive. These are accusations I occasionally level against myself, and while I’m pretty sure they don’t stick in this precise case, I can’t conclusively discount it. I was also pressed for time, and was a little brisk with the person I was talking to, and I think this made her brisk right back at me.

Today I stopped at the same desk, instruction sheet in hand. At this point, many modern folks would be ready to lay down the law, open a can of something, or otherwise wax belligerent. I, however, had prepared for the confrontation by putting on a somber outfit with a quite smashing tie, thus constraining myself to act in a gentlemanly manner. I point out to the entirely different person at the desk the complete lack of contact information on the sheet. Moments later, we stand in the furniture aisle, commiting an act of rapine against another of the same model of credenza.

Would this have run any differently had I gone at it in t-shirt and jeans, hooting empty threats? Well, it likely would have taken longer, and I’d have a sort throat. I’m convinced that the combination of dress and deportment undid entirely the defences which a modern customer service person must erect in this brutish age. Undermined by a flow of reasonableness. Spooked by a spectre of 1935 or so. It’s a good trick to have.

Today’s pleasant pen: Parker “51”
Today’s civil ink: Skrip blue-black

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