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The Sincerest Form of… how’s that go?

Posted by Dirck on 29 December, 2009

There was a quantity of loose time yesterday at The Regular Job– a lot of businesses were observing Boxing Day, the actual one falling on Saturday, and many people apparently assumed the same of my employer. I was, therefore, given some non-lunch hour leisure to stroll the safer precincts of the ‘net.

One of the blogs I looked at had a link to pen-fixer ne plus ultra Richard Binder. I clicked on it, as it’s been a while since I was on his site. I discovered that the link went not there… but to his blog. The title of his blog is Sweepings from the Studio, but the title bar at the top of the browser arrested me: “What’s going on at Richard Binder Fountain Pens.”


I will admit that at some point in the past I had looked in on “Sweepings,” although without prompting it was a fact lost to the conscious mind (I mentioned yesterday my trouble with things I haven’t written down). For those crazed fans of myself who might suggest that the learned Mr. Binder might have lifted his sub-title from my own title, I point out that his archive extends back some years before I ever thought to approach this mode of self-promotion. Also, let’s be honest– the path of emulation is going to run in one direction between these two points, and the point I occupy is not labelled GOAL.

At worst, my subconscious threw out a scrap that the aware portion of me mistook for originality (a word which, in connection to the internet, is very nearly a joke in itself). At best, I can take encouragement that the limits of my imagination lie in a similar place to those of such an eminent pen technician.

Confession out of the way, and in expectation of the mails having caught up with the Christmas press, I think tomorrow I’ll relate the heart-warming tale I didn’t want to do more than hint at before the day of jollity. The promised reviews will have to wait a little longer, while I play collect data

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Statesman
Today’s ink: Pelikan 4001 blue-black

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