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Dashing through the snow.

Posted by Dirck on 24 December, 2009

I must dash. I am writing this not on my Regular Job lunch break, but from the dubious comfort of the underground bunker upon which we lavish the code-name “semi-finished basement,” as I’m off work today. I shouldn’t expect another entry until Monday, as I’m going to try to apply any computer time I have free over this wonderfully long weekend to fixing photos on my website. I was recently embarrassed into learning how to do colour correction through software (having grown up on 110-cassette film cameras, I have trouble remembering that you can fix a picture once it’s taken).

But today, I must dash through the 20cm of snow we got yesterday (yes, the prediction was in error) to make all ready for tomorrow’s dashing from Christmas tree to Kerstboom. Next week may well hold promised reviews. A very merry culturally-appropriate solstice-related festival to all of you who haven’t already held it, and may the Dickensian spirits do no more than look in to see that you’re properly supplied with shortbread.

Today’s casual pen: Lamy Vista
Today’s hectic ink: Lamy Blue

Rondo Says:  Merry Christmas!
Have a very Rondo Christmas

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