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It’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas

Posted by Dirck on 23 December, 2009

We are having what we call a winter storm. There is some wind and a quantity of snow falling, or in the words of CBC’s weather-describing service:

Snow and local blowing snow. Amount 10 to 15 cm. Wind northwest 30 km/h gusting to 50. Temperature falling to minus 16 this afternoon. Wind chill minus 27.

This doesn’t sound like much, of course, and for those of us used to it, it isn’t. It isn’t even that much to look at:
Saskatchewan winter storm (22 Dec 09, CBC photo)

I understand that something similar is driving England to its knees. I will not suggest for a moment that the people of the sceptered isle are in any way irrobust or unsturdy, and after a moment of astonishment looking at the pictures of the problem and not quite comprehending that there is a problem…

… I rationalize thus– you’re no good at what you’re unfamiliar with. I have a lot of trouble with humidity in the summer.

I thus, in this charitable part of the year, try to renew the way in which I view not only the lamentable winter-driving of the English, but the tentative and fearful way some people of my acquaintance approach the noble fountain pen. They’re not used to it. They don’t have a basis for dealing with it, for want of experience. Given time and kind guidance, they may come to understand and even enjoy it.

Well… fountain pens, at any rate. There’s something deeply, pathologically wrong with someone who enjoys winter.

Today’s pen, gripping well despite road conditions: Lamy 2000
Today’s ink, staying off the highway until crews have cleared it: Pelikan 4001 blue-black

Post Scriptus– the menace of the weather has made me forgetful. I was in at Paper Umbrella earlier in the week, and they were just unpacking a new shipment of Lamy Studio fountain pens. There’s still several shopping hours left to Christmas!

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