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Be of Good Cheer

Posted by Dirck on 16 December, 2009

I wonder how many of these seasonal phrases I’ll be able to come up with?

Good cheer indeed– I discovered in the mail yesterday a Quo Vadis “Business” daily planner, sent me by the much-storied Karen of Exacompta for review. The review will come once I’ve been able to drive it around my own, much quieter version of the Top Gear test track, but on first glance it seems a very fine example of the breed.

Good cheer to be ensured tonight. The baking’s preliminary phases begin, with the preparation and chilling (just nip it in the basement!) of short bread dough, and hopefully the initial phases of egg nog. I had previously mentioned I would share recipes, and so I will in a very sideways manner– both are taken from The Joy of Cooking, a resource no home should be without. If you haven’t got a copy, start pestering loved ones to get you one for Christmas; if they haven’t got you something by now, they’ll appreciate the suggestion.

One of the best things about Joy is that it doesn’t give a damn about the state of your organs. I won’t give exact amounts, but there’s roughly equal portions of eggs, cream, rum and brandy, and a substantial load of milk– you can with a single recipe do away with friends and relatives who are lactose intolerant, diabetic, who have high cholesterol, or whose livers are at all sensitive. A batch my brother made a few years ago was still safe to drink didn’t kill anyone who drank it the following May, so it keeps well, too.

The shortbread isn’t quite as destructive, but I still love it, as its the recipe my grandmother used.

Today’s nostalgic pen: Sheaffer Statesman
Today’s ink which is likely a wiser beverage than my egg nog: Pilot Fuyu-Syogun

Post Scriptus: The visions of sugar/rum fairies are so distracting, I neglected to wish the shade of Jane Austen a happy birthday.

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