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Holiday Hours

Posted by Dirck on 10 December, 2009

Since I don’t actually have a store, this sort of declaration is a little meaningless. I am, none the less, declaring the beginning of holiday hours for Raven’s March. I expect for the next fortnight to be rather taken up with Christmas plans (as mentioned previously, I’m not a Christian as such, but I am a Dickensian and also believe firmly in filling the house with lights and the gut with treats as a response to the winter solstice), and will thus be moving somewhat slowly on any pen repairs. Happily, the clients whose pens I currently have were kind enough to give me great liberty in terms of deadlines, so this isn’t going to have any practical effect on completion times.

The rest of the month my get a little spotty here, as a result of this Kringle-ish concentration. Perhaps I’ll share some recipes, or warnings about recipes (“Catches fire easily” or “Too delicious, leads to lethargy and liver damage”), small notes about my son’s first conscious exposure to Christmas (he was physically present last year, but not really taking notes), or complaints about the weather, without such an effort to bring pens into the matter.

Today’s festive pen: Sheaffer Statesman
Today’s merry ink: Herbin’s Lis de Thé

Post Scriptus: I have just heard that The Paper Umbrella is having a 24 hour opening to contest the night against the fiendly big box stores. Reginans of a sensible shopping bent and study, cold-resisting frame are urged to go and throw money at them– they’ll give you really neat stuff in return!

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