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Hey, Rube!

Posted by Dirck on 14 October, 2009

…a phrase which a Batman comic in the early 1970s assured me is the general cry for assistance at the circus. The internet being a motley and anarchic place, I thought it appropriate.

You may be the very person whose assistance I seek. I have an as-yet-uncatalogued Waterman pen in my hands, and something which prevents me from getting it on my website is trouble identifying the model (other impediments include barking cats, Keystone kops on a three-wheeled fire engine, an urchin with a fetish for macaroni, and tempest). It’s a Canadian made item, which throws documentation into a tizzy where Waterman is concerned, and likely comes from the time when Waterman is about to vanish away to France– the shape of the point says late ’40s or early ’50s. Here is one of my infrequent pictures:
The pen of mystery.
If any of the surprisingly large number of readers out there can help identify this oddity, I’ll at very least say “thank you.”

I say oddity, by the way, because there’s no threads on the barrel to grasp the section– there’s a threaded stud at the bottom of the barrel, and a threaded hole on the back of that unWatermanly squeeze-filler to keep the whole thing together.

I forgot to mention yesterday in my delineation of a busy but good weekend; there came into my imagination both a cracking good notion for a story that may swell to novel-length, and a gripping first paragraph. Now all I need is a middle, end, and title….

Finally, I do what so many bloggers (you should see the shoes that go with the traditional Blog Dance) who run out of brain do– offer a link to someone else. A chap in Australia has written a very nice love note to fountain pens, and I think it’s worth sharing.

Today’s pen: Eversharp Skyline
Today’s ink: Lamy blue-black. ™

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  1. […] pen:  Waterman Press-O-Matic Taperite Thingummy (I have yet to actually identify it after a year and a half, and I’m sick of letting that fact keep me from using it). Today’s ink: Noodler’s […]

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