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Super pen!

Posted by Dirck on 1 October, 2009

I have just cried, “Vade retro, Satanis!” in the (hopefully) empty lunchtime office, having thrown off the warm and inviting grip of temptation. I’ve just come from eBay, which I really should steer clear of, where I saw a pen set I had in my high school days. I did not put a bid on it.

In part, I was able to resist because this was not the actual item from that dim past age, but the current version of it. The other reason I could restrain myself is that the whole set is regularly available (for slightly more than the eBay asking) on late night television. A fountain pen, in a coven of matching ball-points and pencils, which the advertising assures us is nigh-indestructible. A fountain pen which may be imagined to be capable of punching holes in a tin, prying off a hub-cap, burrowing through an elephant, and then writing a note to Auntie Gladys to thank her for the mittens she’s sent.

Now that I think about it, that was a very easily-resisted temptation.

The earlier incarnation of this writing wonder which I had met its end when it somehow found its way between the cushions of the front seat in the AMC Concorde which I was driving at the time. It spent a month of hot summer down there, and when found was seemingly beyond retrieval, the feed and ink combined to make a single undifferentiated mass. I knew a lot less about pens then than now, and I was also a lot less careful with my belongings, and so threw it away, returning to the Sheaffers I was used to regularly abusing.

Just for the record– a fountain pen that can be thought of as a leather awl is unlikely to be much good as a fountain pen. I am a fan of multi-tasking, but in the case of pens, let’s stick to writing.

Today’s dedicated writing-only pen: Sheaffer Stateman vacuum filler
Today’s ink: Skrip blue-black


2 Responses to “Super pen!”

  1. Bart Newton said

    By the way, how do you like that Sheaffer Blue-Black ink?

    • I like it well enough, although it does seem VERY sensitive to variations in paper– it goes a sort of blue-grey on the paper that turns the new Quink BB almost instantly bright green, comes across as very dark on some others, and could do with a little more blueness in general (I have vague memories of the Midnight Blue cartridges Sheaffer used to put out). I’d still recommend it without worry.

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