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Off topic.

Posted by Dirck on 25 August, 2009

I don’t seem to have any serious pen-theme topics in mind today, nor much in the way of whimsy. Rather than just sit quietly, which is abhorrent in the modern world, I will yammer.

Recently I’ve had a chance to watch a recent DVD release of the second film to feature Godzilla. There are few pens visible, although in his big cameo, the first film’s Dr. Yamane (Shimura Takeshi, a class act indeed) does a lot of gesturing with something that might be a pen, or a letter opener, or some item of mid-century Japanese desk litter I’m unequipped to recognize… but this is not my point. My point is a recommendation of it, with caveats. Caveat the first is that the dubbed version (Gigantis the Fire Monster) is rather hard to take if you haven’t trained up for it– it’s the sort of thing people make fun of Japanese monster movie over.

Caveat second is that the subtitled original, Gojira no Gyakushu (“Godzilla’s Counterattack”, more freely titled as “Godzilla Raids Again”), is nothing like as good as the original, in which I speak of Gojira rather than Godzilla King of the Monsters. Nothing against Raymond Burr, mind you, but there’s some pretty cool subtexts that slide out of the version he’s in. The sequel has the flaws of sequels, but it’s not as bad as some people say. Of course, those people were mainly talking about Gigantis.

Further off track, I should remedy an oversight through a plug. I bought a Panama hat over the summer, and despite the nasty things Stephen Fry says about them I’m very pleased with mine. I didn’t spend a mint on it, either, and for the combination of customer service, price, and willingness to accommodate an unfashionably large skull, it’s hard to do better than the folks at The Panama Hat Company of St. Augustine. It takes a little perseverance for those living outside the US, as they’re not yet set up for online international orders, but it’s absolutely worth the small effort required.

…and that finishes the lunch break.

Today’s idle pen: Sheaffer Statesman snorkel
Today’s inactive ink: Skrip blue

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  1. […] there is a much better review of Gojira no Gyakushu by an actual scientist than the mere mention of it I made myself, which I encourage the interested to peer […]

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