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Posted by Dirck on 31 July, 2009

I chose today’s pen last night. It’s something I prefer to do while I’m still slightly coherent.

I chose today’s shirt while still in my morning torpor. Most of my clothes are much of a likeness– it’s not quite the comedic seven of exactly the same outfit, but primarily because I had the sense to get a variety of colours. This shirt, though, while from the same source as the others, has a little extra something.

Pocket flaps.

I can entirely understand the need for the US military’s mid-20th century regulations regarding the way pen and pocket flap may interact. I look somewhat silly today, the flap pushed askew by the protruding pen– no army would follow an officer that looked like this. If the torpor had lifted before I’d left the house, I’d have borrowed the cap from a recently-arrived item which was designed to pass muster. If I routinely wore a jacket at work, it wouldn’t have been an issue at all. Alas, things are as they are, and my pocket looks goofy.

As an aside, I would wear a jacket to work if I could manage it. I actually want to dress as this fellow does, but I can’t quite follow his lead. “Go to thrift stores,” says he, “and the goodwill.” He, I note, takes a size 38. The vintage clothing market it a bit of a closed door for 52-42-46. I could conceivably beat him up and steal his clothes, but they’d never fit.

Today’s slightly risible pen: Sheaffer Balance (not this one, as it turns out, but a fully-functional lever-filler I seem to have neglected to make up a page for) {editing from the future: a revision of the site makes the parenthesis a bit pointless}
Today’s sensible ink: Herbin’s Vert Empire

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