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Posted by Dirck on 28 July, 2009

…of pens! Unlike the previous use of this title, I’m pleased with this turn of evens. A quite literal heap of late model Vacumatics, mainly Canadian-made, in a variety of colours and a couple with remarkable clarity. They all need new diaphragms (and I hope with all my hoping fibre they don’t need the fillers themselves replaced), so it will be a while before they appear on the site.

Today’s email finds some Parker-flavoured good news, too. My grumpy letter has reached them, and the response is, if I may synopsize, “Huh?! That’s not right!” They’ve asked to have the duff bottle sent in for examination, and have offered a couple of fresh bottles in recompense, which I cannot call other than fair.

Finally, the OTHER thing that was in the mail yesterday was a package from Belgium containing special and hand-made tools for opening the front end on vacuum-filling Triumph-point Sheaffers. Servicing vacs has been a bit of a lacunae in my skill set, and with these new objects in hand I should be able to rectify that. To continue with the due-credit, the maker of the tools is the same chap spoken of in this article, and a very helpful sort.

Today’s pen: Parker Vacumatic (Black Major)
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Lis de Thé

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