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Mailin’ old school.

Posted by Dirck on 23 July, 2009

Yesterday I was speaking to a co-worker (whom I had previously drawn into the Way of The Fountain Pen) about writing letters. I write with some frequency, in the main to acquaintances from the Fountain Pen Network and with whom the main point of commonality is membership in the FPN. It is, after all, a way for us all to play with our inky toys.

The co-worker said that she only sends one letter a year, to a friend who moved to New Zealand. It goes with a big parcel of Christmas joy (which I can only imagine is substantially more joyful in New Zealand’s temperate summer).

You could, I suggested, write more frequently– postage, even to the definitive antipodes, is not so much for a standard envelope. She dismissed this, saying that the writing was an ongoing thing, and a whole year’s worth of letter went along with the great parcel. It’s just the sending that is infrequent.

This is the most romantic (in a broad use of the word) thing I’ve heard in a long time. Patrick O’Brian’s work is a large part of my current library, and the notion of getting letters in the same way as a Napoleonic era sailor sent a shiver down me. Once a year, or so, a great long serialized letter, date after date, few events needing comment because by the time that comment arrives another year will have passed. Astonishing! I almost wish I had a great and distant friend to try it out on.

On a side note– the pocket protectors have arrived, and I must declare a small disappointment of my own generation. They are, in essence, a subsidiary pocket, and they are (as is clearly illustrated on the site) not very deep– the ball of the clip can get purchase on the top of the newly-lined pocket, but the clip’s shoulder remains high in the air. This makes me nervous, and I believe experimentation is in order.

Today’s pen: An Emu (honest!)
Today’s ink: Herbin Vert Empire

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