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Jeopardy and Hope.

Posted by Dirck on 22 July, 2009

This is a little time-delayed– my memory is a spotty thing, sometimes. Recently the TV quiz-programme Jeopardy had it’s regular “Kid’s Week.” We are regular watchers of the show, as not only do my wife and I enjoy frequently shaking our fists at the screen and muttering “those prizes are rightfully mine!” in the mode of Binky, but our son is happily fascinated with text.

The second day in, I commented that the Final Jeopardy answers were much more legible than those seen during the regular adult rounds. The current crop of under-13’s, at least as manage to get onto the highest-brow game show around, seem to be attending to their writing.

Jolly good, say I. You can’t go wrong with legible handwriting. And with a big fat Jeopardy win under your belt, you could afford a pretty good pen, too.

I digress now into a more personal communication (although the format means it’s something like corresponding with ICBMs– anyone who looks up will know there’s a message, even if it’s not for them). In today’s number of Ink Quest, Penquod’s master refers to a subsidiary pursuit of a particular blue ink, and provides a link to a picture of his goal. As I know there are informants who occasionally pass along what goes by here, I have a couple of suggestions.

The first is uninformed by experience: Herbin’s Bleu Myosotis, perhaps? I’ve not tried that one, but the difference between Herbin’s exemplars and the real thing suggests it strongly. It also looks rather like modern Quink washable blue at a particular stage of its decomposition on paper, so there could be a few moments of joy there. It also looks like a more-faded form of the vintage Quink I was using last week, but how old was the card…?

In a Star Trekkier world, I could send a sample of the last to Ink Towers as easily as this sentence. Perhaps one of the informants will suggest a means of contact of a less broad-side nature.

Today’s pen: Parker “51”
Today’s ink: Herbin Blue Nuit, which is not quite as dark as Herbin suggests.

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