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Now open– a letter!

Posted by Dirck on 19 July, 2009

Look what I managed to do yesterday:
Quink Complaint online

The image is also a link to a much larger and more legible version. I hope I’ve found the right tone of disappointment without wandering into lunatic crackpottery. The terrible thing is, the faded portion came out of the pen almost the same colour as the unfaded. It went wrong over the course of a few hours, and one can only imagine what next year will show. I can imagine some elderly couple in 2062, stumbling upon a pile of old letters tied up in a red ribbon, which upon opening turn out not to be the love-letters he’d sent her in the summer of 2010 but a load of pages blank of anything but a few cryptic and well-separated light green squiggles. Poor show, Parker.

Today’s pen: Parker 45
Today’s ink: Pelikan black

A note from the near-future version of me– there’s been positive action on the ink matter!


5 Responses to “Now open– a letter!”

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  2. […] by ravensmarch on August 18, 2009 In a previous post, I wonked publicly about a bottle of Quink blue-black which I had recently bought. In a somewhat […]

  3. […] Posted by ravensmarch on January 13, 2010 I have been lazy, and I take the consequences now. My bottle of ink at The Regular Job has just given of it’s last fill– the end of the pleasing older version of Quink blue-black which I previously lamented and agitated about. […]

  4. […] 1 full bottle of Quink blue-black (more or less; the 57ml is down by at least 0.2ml from the test phase, plus a little from the previous checking to see if it had the same problems as the bottle it replaced– context available here); […]

  5. […] Those who have been following my antics here for from very nearly the beginning will recall my big snit about Quink blue-black’s reformulation, and the eventual discovery of a more or less viable remedy for the problem.  The remedied bottle […]

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