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Posted by Dirck on 7 July, 2009

The ever-vigilant gang at the Fountain Pen Network has shown me that I’m absolutely loaded. Filthy rich, in potential. A couple of recent eBay bidding wars have seen a grey version of this pen go for rather more than $200, and more excitingly this very model and colour of pen has sold for just over $300, and the one on the block apparently had a deformity around the clip which mine lacks. I will happily accommodate the disappointed next-highest bidders, of course– I may say I’m disinclined to sell these particular pens, but I’m not made of stone.

The giddiness of this extravaganza of spending is balanced by a lunch-time visit to Staples. I try to avoid mentioning the names of major businesses in my web output, but I’m very disappointed in you, Staples. “Ink-Stock Guarantee,” it says on the wall above the printer refills. “When you need it, we have it.”

Mere words. Not only out of the cartridge I need (a common and popular Canon model), but nothing to back up the word guarantee. No tiny but encouraging discount offered on a future attempt. No offer to call when restocking occurs. Nothing. Very disappointing.

Today’s pen: Brause 3000
Today’s ink: Bruynzeel black

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