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Posted by Dirck on 25 May, 2009

That’s my word for the past weekend– wrangling the son while my wife sold jewellry at a street fair. I did manage to get the website updated, too, despite opposition from pretty much all the non-human components of the effort. Why it wasn’t uploading to my “public” folder is still a mystery, but at least I now know the way around it.

My anniversary landed the past weekend, too. Due to the effect of the street fair and last week’s illness, I have to use a fairly convoluted form of verb to describe the action– I will have gotten my wife a book of birds (so she can enjoy the feeder in the tree five feet outside the living room more fully), and she has put in place the material to have bought me something from our favorite stationers, but I haven’t decided what that is yet.

Today’s pen: Parker “51” vac-filler
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Poussière de Lune (which is, alas, a little too feminine for my own comfort).


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